We confess. We’re addicted to archiving. And maybe we’re biased, since archiving is our business. But we’re not alone.

We use email to run our work and home lives. We need it 24-7-365 – from our house to the office to every Starbucks and stop light in between. And it’s not just email anymore. We’re connected to each other through an endless stream of posts, texts and chats – whether we like it or not.

source : Live Office

Guess who figured this all out first? The lawyers, as you might expect. Unless you’ve been living underground, you know that email is considered an official business record and can be requested as a part of regulatory or legal matters.

At the same time, we haven’t met someone yet who doesn’t struggle with managing email storage and finding that one message that will help them do their job better – or prove that they were right in an argument.

For years, companies tried to solve this problem by buying archiving software and hardware to run internally. While these products worked for some, they often proved too costly to buy, too complex to deploy and too onerous to manage.

Enter LiveOffice [drumroll please].

We use the power of the cloud to help our customers meet these challenges head-on without giving them a headache by providing:

  • Unlimited Storage: Pay one flat price per user, per month and never worry about storage again.
  • Unlimited Search: Find everything you need, whether for legal discovery or your next meeting, in seconds.
  • Unlimited Integration: Tie into all of the other cool things you’re doing in the cloud with products like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps,, Box and Dropbox .

It’s working.

We’ve been in business a long time and now are fortunate to serve nearly 20,000 companies in 50+ countries throughout the world.

We have a great partner (with $11 billion, which doesn’t hurt) in private equity firm Summit Partners.

Our team is filled with messaging and cloud geeks, with experts from Symantec, Veritas, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, KVS, FrontBridge, Postini and MessageLabs.

Interested in joining us? Whether you want to try our services or are interested in being a LiveOfficer yourself, we’d love to speak with you.

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