I always liked Robert Cialdini and his Science of Persuation .
Since i am “on topic” with the Clients for my startup Médcial&Services, i am doing some research and i am glad i ran by chance in a short video explaining how to mentally a quick set up for your client. The topic is not new, but it feels good a scientific explains it to you.

Do you want a Client? Do you want to persuade him that is good doing business with you? Here are some shortcuts

  1. The Client understands is a win-win situation, a reciprocity . You get the contract and he wins … (fill the gaps) . Behind is the Obligation to Give when you Receive.
  2. You are a scarce resource, your time, your product – if not, he can buy whenever he wants from China. Behind is people wanting more of what they have less.
  3. You are an Authority, you are specialized, you know what you sell; people follow the Credible, Knowledgeable, Experts.
  4. You have Consistency , that way in which a substance holds together; thickness or viscosity . People are looking for commitments that can be made.
  5. The Reciprocity in step 1 could be an empathy, he likes you or your company. Or the Client Likes your Product (even better), to the stage he Loves your product. We like people similar to us, people who pay us compliments, people who cooperate.
  6. Finally is about Consensus, meaning the two Understand what is to give and what is to be given. People look what others do to inspire.

See video here

My Conclusions

A – GIVE Things to your Clients. Tell them what and why YOU GIVE. Be the first you give a Personalized and Unexpected.
B – Show the Benefits, the Unique and what they have to Lose
C – Be an Expert (build your e-Reputation)
D – Sell things that you can make
E – Activate your mirror neurons with your Client
F – Examples of what your other Clients are doing (online)

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