Since is the first article i write in this category, i must admit i am always looking for a great usability in websites. Speaking of real-estate websites and renting appartments, i recall the first one that created me the wow-effect was in Australia, 10 years ago, when my ideas were to go there and start a business. Unfortunatelly i don’t have the address anymore.

One of the websites i came across these days is called Padmapper.
1) First time is great because is very visual. You can seek appartments looking directly to an interactive map.
2) Is acting like an app, not like a website. You are in for information, so you have a sort of management panel (filters)
3) Setup Alerts for your request – Doing an assistant job

Since i am looking for a room in France i tested a similar service, Trovit, maybe a little visual than Padmapper, but with a high degree of usability.

Interesting : Both Paddmaper and Trovit are in legal suits because of data usage of other websites (US or France).

For sure, we will hear more about these websites and this way of presenting real-estate.
If you are looking for an appartment in US, you should take it.

[Advertising] : – Stay tunned on this new real-estate French website, where i am a little involved …

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