Your first goal when you are about to work is to eat well. Good and healthy. (I mean not gourmand or in excess) Why ? To get the best from your body and mind, to fulfill the tasks you are given. (I think everybody knows a little bit of this theory). When the aim is on long term, the goal becomes an obligation and “well” becomes “very well”. Supposing you are an entrepreneur – before market, graphics, clients, opportunities or anything else, you should focus on what you eat because:
– you will last longer (few years in plus make the difference)
– your work will be better in terms of quality

If you have employees, the normal wage ration is proportional to food and lodging (1/3 food, 1/3 rent, 1/3 whatever). If the employee can find a place to stay and eat well, this means you provide a good salary. Depending the prices and natural qualitative food on the planet, judging the relation food-work becomes your first indicator of economic healthiness.

If eating only BIO products, (own) home made products, natural/garden from countryside where is no pollution, costs you about 100€ per week, then you should aim to gain more than 1200€. If your costs are 10€ a week, then you can make a fortune because your own work cost is low and your strength at your height.

So, before you start working for somebody or start a company, think well at this aspect. Your choice could be on lifetime and is good to start always with the good questions …

PS. A country where good food is widely provided, correlated with health insurance high prices, is a wealthy country


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