I started to work with Freelancer.com years ago. Right then, i knew it will be a great brand:

(freelancer features)

  • has the right name depicting exactly the activity
  • was an intermediation transparente platform
  • all the project management goes to a chat pipeline (like basecamp)
  • quick bids & responses even if you are not using premium services

Claudiu wasn’t doing services for others but i was a buyer. The guy who spends the money. I just recommend my good experiences.

(freelancer costs: add about 15% more than price displayed)

  • add 2.5% to your bank fee if you are in Europe
  • add 2.5% to your Frelancer fee if you are in converting Euro in USD
  • add a 6% rate in changing Euro to USD (they use an inferior exchange rate)
  • put another 3% to project fee

And to be sure that i won’t forget … i started with Tudor Mafteianu as project chief operational in the “Schmooze Experience” (the mascot of Businessoo). Vive ! Dalibor du Serbia (the winning designer).

So happy anniversary Freelancer !

20million users

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