I suppose a lot of people already know La French Tech. If not, you can read or ask Eloise. Is the French programme for startups.

There is also French Tech Ticket, the programme for non-french start-ups, now entering the second season. They propose may things i let you discover in the official document. (incubators, accelerators, offices, cash, support, etc). You can read it in Romanian also.

So, we decided to apply with the Businessoo project, with Adrian and Gabriel. Since few month we made a swift in the product philosophy, we are updating and starting september you will see the new one, including the logo.

Businessoo, the project

BU = Local e-commerce dynamic information on products, services, brands, players and shops.
Local e-commerce markets are characterized by great dynamics. In a light scalable infrastructre, ingeniously using bots and statistical analysis algorithms, we can extract important information about market’s dynamics. The innovation is in the concept and programming of the robots, the ergonomy of structures, the way we treat data and the information’s multiple business application.

We choose as potential incubators : 50Partners, NUMA Paris and Telecom Bretagne Rennes. The reasons we have chosen the three incubators are the description keywords of our project: #bigdata,  #ecommerce, #innovation, #international, #languages.  50Partners are involved in e-commerce projects and business to business activities reflecting  the economic profile of our activity and clients. NUMA is centered on innovation and international development , the two major points in our future strategy. Telecom Bretagne Rennes provide support in development and e-commerce, and is not far from INRA Nantes where we hope to find the semantic answers to our project.


About French Tech Season 2:
– 41 incubators
– 70 startups in final
– 45k € financing
– 1 year in France for the team
– starting 1st January 2017

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