You can read their history online, on their website: They have the same flag as Germany (horizontal black-red-yellow) and the same slogan as USA – In God we trust. They live in their own reservation in Florida, they have their Government, Police and Educational System.

The Seminole people are the descendents of the Creek people. The diversity of the Tribe is reflected in the fact that its members spoke seven languages- Muscogee, Hitchiti, Koasati, Alabama, Natchez, Yuchi and Shawnee. The early history of the Creek people in Florida is not well understood. The Apalache were a Hitchiti speaking people that may have been related to the Creek Tamathli or Apalachicola. The Apalache, situated along the Apalachicola River, were in Florida at the time of Spanish contact.

I know is not new-hot-information (it has already 6 years old) … but they bought one of my favorite places, the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. Because they are also a wealthy tribe. The transaction was about 965 million USD. Management movements – they withdraw the company from stock exchange, they financed themselves the operations, they started to addapt every Cafe to local specific, they named/kept the awesome Scottish manager (Hamish Dodds) and all the financial reporting stopped … Rumors are saying that the company is bigger and better since the crisis, tripling the turnover. (up to 3 bln this year – 2012)

Morale : Sometimes there are some investors you never think about. Hey, you startupers , send an application also here, who knows …

PS. The Seminoles are running over 400 casinos in 28 US-states.
PS2. Not all the Indians disappeared, some of them adapted and  live better than the the Colons.

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