LeGuide.com Group plays a major role in E-commerce. The company, which is independent of commercial or advertising interests, is the leading independent provider of shopping guides, online shopping directories, and price comparison and shopping search engines in France. The company’s goal is twofold : to help online shoppers make wise online purchases and to assist online businesses in their development.

A Multi-site Strategy for Europe

LeGuide.com’s success in France led the company to pursue European expansion beginning in 2004. Today the company provides sites in 14 European countries (the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Danmark) and in 9 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Danish and Swedish). For these markets, LeGuide.com has created online shopping directories and price comparison and shopping search engines designed to meet local needs.

Throughout Europe, LeGuide.com Group lists over 45,000 online shops and over 135 million products and services.

The LeGuide Sites

Online Shopping Directories

• Shop directory: Each online shop is listed with an informative description of the site.
• Shop and product search engine: Shop and product searches can be limited to specific delivery zones.

Pricesavvy.co.uk and Pricesavvy.ie in English
Webmarchand.comWebmarchand.be and Webmarchand.ch in French
Shopwahl.deShopwahl.chShopwahl.at and Shopwahl.lu in German
Mercamania.es in Spanish
Koopkeus.nl in Dutch
Pagineprezzi.it in Italian
Webkupiec.pl in Polish
Prisvis.dk in Danish
Prisvis.se in Swedish
Shopping Search Engines

• User-friendly interface and rapid search engine
• search via key word, product category, and price range

Antag.co.uk and Antag.ie in English
LeGuide.net in French
Antag.deAntag.at and Antag.ch in German
Antag.es in Spanish
Antag.it in Italian
nl.antag.com in Dutch
Antag.pl in Polish
Valomak.dk in Danish
Valomak.se in Swedish

Gooster, the latest in product comparison

• Advanced search engine technology
• Product comparison and user opinions

Gooster.co.uk and Gooster.ie in English
Gooster.fr in French
Gooster.deGooster.at and Gooster.ch in German
Gooster.es in Spanish
Gooster.it in Italian
Gooster.nl in Dutch
Gooster.pl in Polish
Gooster.dk in Danish
Gooster.se in SwedishThe online shopping guide

• Content and services: A Special Offers section featuring the best online deals, a weekly Newsletter, a user forum, a conflict mediation service
• Shop directory and product search and price comparison engine
• The ideal guide for the online shoppper

LeGuide.com in French


To best meet your e-commerce needs, LeGuide.com Group offers the following services:

– Free Listing: LeGuide.com Group offers free site registration and product listing – a great opportunity to gain wider recognition on the Internet!
– Priority Listing: Increase your shop’s visibility on the LeGuide.com Group sites and the number of qualified visits you receive. Priority sites and their products are positioned advantageously on the LeGuide.com Group sites, appear with their logo, and may post special offers in LeGuide.com Group advertising areas.
– The French Newsletter: LeGuide.com Group sends a weekly newsletter featuring special bargains to its 500,000 francophone subscribers (August, 2008). Priority sites in French can contribute to the Newsletter or choose to send out a special edition consecrated entirely to their shop.

The numbers
– 11 million unique visitors per month (December, 2008)
– Over 500,000 French Newsletter subscribers
– 95,000 consumer messages on the forum

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