A good post found here trending 2015 in Internet Business.

Basic there are few major trends to follow:

1. Social Media as phenomenon ended,  people and companies still develop, but the major players are already set
2. Photos tend to be the main content of social media
3. The rental/sharing economy will be the next business everybody searches
4. Capitals will enter definitively as main factor of Internet
5. Mobile OS stabilized, no much battles here to be done
6. Enterprises search new tech models to get it easier
7. Video is no doubt growing still fast and in the Youtube monopoly
8. Cloud services make everything available everywhere
9. Internet will have hard battles in terms of liberty, Governments are too close
10. Cyber security will remain main theme, even for the small websites, all types of piracy are led everywhere

Social media chart

Social media chart

So, what business model you will choose ?

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