The First minister Jean-Marc Ayrault created in 31 October 2012 the General Secretary for Modernization of Public Action , under his authority, an extension of General Secretary for Government, and the management was charged to Mr. Jérôme Filippini, chief-consultant for the “Cour des Comptes”. The opening of the public data on Internet (« Open Data »), is driven by the mission Etalab, under the authority of First Minister since February 2011. The policy of transparency is confined to Henri Verdier, CapDigital founder, as manager of General Secretary for Modernization of Public Action.



  • More information for the public (especially for hard-topics as pollution, corruption, crime, etc)
  • New products and ideas emerged from knowledge
  • Better work of administrative structures
  • Public efficiency
  • Developping the economic

Open Data France contains more than 350.000 statistic documents

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