RevTrax offers the most flexible and robust online couponing and cross-channel analytics platform available – customized to meet your needs. RevTrax offers an unmatched ability to securely deliver, track, manage and measure your digital promotions that drive in-store sales in the safest way possible.


RevTrax offers a unique way to connect individual online ads to in-store sales by using our patent-pending technology to translate the information from a URL into a dynamically generated barcode or promo code on a printable or mobile coupon.

For merchants who can’t accept a dynamically generated barcode or promo code, we can accept a bank of barcodes or promo codes and assign to your various media campaigns. RevTrax can also track transactions via your gift or loyalty cards.

RevTrax connects all of your digital media to in-store sales

RevTrax will work directly with you, your agency, or outside vendors to connect your existing media efforts to in-store sales.

  • Email Marketing: Ensure that promotions targeted to your loyalty club members aren’t circulated to the general public. For general offers that are intended to go viral, RevTrax will track and measure every dollar generated in the physical store from each email.
  • Search Engines/Agencies: Track conversions of individual paid search keywords and other search ad data to brick & mortar sales. Optimize your spend by understanding which keywords and ads convert to actual sales in the physical store.
  • Social Media: Track and control the impact of promotional marketing via Twitter, FacebookMySpace, and other social media to sales in your brick & mortar stores.
  • Display: Connect data from the display ads (site served from, creative type, time of day, etc.) to in-store sales to optimize spend.
  • Mobile Media: Let RevTrax connect your mobile initiatives to brick & mortar sales.
  • Affiliate Programs: Launch an in-store affiliate program to drive consumers into your brick & mortar stores.
  • Loyalty Programs: Utilize leading 3rd party fundraising, cash-back, points, and other loyalty programs to drive incremental sales in your brick & mortar stores.

source : Revtrax

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