Robert Cialdini is an example of success : emeritus professor, a good writer (+2 million books sold), spread his ideas in 26 languages …

Looking resources for my project i discovered this 10 minutes whiteboard presentation. How can you determine someone to say YES ? Simple …. you just need
1. Reciprocity
2. Scarcity
3. Authority
4. Consistency
5. Liking
6. Consensus

Well, is not so easy in fact, but at least now you have directions ! 🙂

How can i use this information in France ? since here i am incubating, my business search engine. Or Europe, since my project is dedicated to this are. I don’t have the answer, but i am sure the real meaning of this principles is different in European countries, at least in the first three (reciprocity, scarcity and authority). A post to update ! Enjoy the movie in the meantime …

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