They say there are Steve Jobs’s rules and pathlines, but i believe there is a little in everyone of us. This (can be) is the businessman pathline. So you can use daily:

  • Emotion. Pitch with passion. People can be influenced by strong displays of emotion.
  • Honesty. Being brutally honest will help you build a strong following
  • Dilligence. Work hard, and others will respect you. Respect is a crucial first step to getting what you want.
  • Seduction. Disarm people with seduction and flattery.
  • Manipulation. Claim all the good ideas are yours — and if you’re reversing your position, get behind the new idea with full force. Memories of the past can be easily manipulated.
  • Decision. Make decisions quickly and definitively. You can (usually) always change things later.
  • Reaction. Don’t wait to fix problems. Fix them now.
  • Power to ignore. There are two ways to deal with problematic people: Either address them head on … … Or “follow the line of least involvement” and ignore them entirely.
  • Opportunity. Strike when the iron’s hot, and strike hard.
  • Risk. When you have leverage, use it.
  • Perfection. Demand perfection, and don’t settle for anything less.


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