IBM forecasts the major trends in economy for the next years.
When planning a product is good to have that in mind and also the circular economy.

Here they are

1 The classroom will learn you.
2 Buying local will beat online.
3 Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well.
4 A digital guardian will protect you online.
5 The city will help you live in it.

Living in France i can say that 2&5 are already happening , maybe not as a BIG trend, but as a trend for sure.
1, as a teacher, i still put alot of confidence in teaching institutions but e-learning is nevertheless a major trend
3&4 i cannot make a correct image but they are US-specific security/wealth wishes … not mine

My Conclusion : i will orient my product as a global one, but with local touch and use

From gigaOM

” Top Ten Business Intelligence Trends for 2014:

1. The end of data scientists.
2. Cloud business intelligence goes mainstream.
3. Big data finally goes to the sky.
4. Agile business intelligence extends its lead.
5. Predictive analytics, once the realm of advanced and specialized systems, will move into the mainstream.
6. Embedded business intelligence begins to emerge in an attempt to put analytics in the path of everyday business activities.
7. Storytelling becomes a priority.
8. Mobile business intelligence becomes the primary experience for leading-edge organizations.
9. Organizations begin to analyze social data in earnest.
10. NoSQL is the new Hadoop.”

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