Viral marketing is simply the “spread of an idea” that helps market your business or cause and attracts attention and discussion.

After analysing many viral marketing campaigns, there are few consclusions to be withdrawn.
Viral happened because:

1. It was positive, dwelling on positive issues or topics.
2. It evoked a strong emotional reaction (joy, fear, anger).
3. It was practically useful.

Jonah Berger, uses a method called STEPPS

Social Currency
People enjoy sharing things that compliment them
(making them look “in the know”, showcasing their good taste or their opinion)

Topics/brands/products have more common triggers (greeting is a very common trigger)

When we care, we share. People tend to share content that evokes a strong emotional reaction; Surprise and Anticipation leads (see picture below)

People need to see others doing something in order to easily embrace it.

Practical Value
Practically useful material was shown to be highly viral. People like sharing “news you can use” because they want to help others and look good for doing so.

Transportation leads to persuasion, because it’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in a good tale. People simply had to know what happened next in the tale.

Try to use this and for sure it will be better !


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