I have chosen this title not only because is one of my favorite songs, but it pictures best the Congress of  Pays de la Loire Federation, where i attended December 2013. “Warm” because the atmosphere was overload in friendship and warmness, “Wet” because it was in Bretagne at Chateaubriant (although it didn’t rain), and “Circles” because it was organized by the biggest Federation in France, like number of members, and their actions produce a big sound and important waves in JCE France.


I was participating as guest of JCE Laval, and i have to say a big special “thank you” for the nice words and friendly attitude they received me (after i moved in Laval, Mayenne). I was also representing as Ambassador the  “JCI World” program and as observer in quality of  VP Internationalism for JCI Romania. From all three perspectives everything looked just gorgeous.


I attended in the morning the Auto-Relaxation training and it was really refreshing. I think it has to be imposed at every Congress in the beginning . We ate at lunch, good food served by the pupils in the high-school that was the house of event. The General Assembly was good, even if not all the times synchronizing, but overall a good impression. We have visited the city, a very nice one. And the Disco-Party at the mansion finished the evening, in a magnificent cadre and with an exceptional menu. Left-Right-Dance … A FULL day !


JCI Pays de la Loire Congress in few points:
– Congrats to the new 2013 elected leading team and i wish them to fulfill their goals
– Congrats JCE Chateaubriant for organization, specially Sandrine Aimon and Ulric Garnier (JCE Chateau Gontier)
– Thank you and Hurrah ! for the big prize won by JCI Laval !
– Salutations to JCE Haute-Mayenne, a special team
JCE Nantes Sud Metropole, you are cool !
JCI Romania invites any member of  JCEF France to participate at their Congress, at least to compare !

(apologies for not mentioning all the world)


And the JCI Laval !

see romanian version of this article


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