More People Will Tweet a Post With a Cartoon Than a Photo, that’s a fact.

According to some, cartoons were preferred because they seemed informal and added more content interest than stock photos.

How to use cartoons without violating copyrights 

As with any image you use, make sure you have the proper rights to use it.  Cartoons and stock images — like all original works — are automatically protected by copyright from the moment they are created. It doesn’t matter whether they have a copyright notice on them or not.  Copyright law in most countries does not require a copyright notice.

Many social media managers rely on stock photos to add interest and punch to their blogs and other online content.  However, research shows that cartoons are much a more powerful option in terms of engagement and sharing.  In that study 90% agreed they would prefer to share the content containing cartoons. (see original)

How about Infographics and Visual Assets ? The latest are more valuable

Think about SEO Pyramid

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