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5 years ago i was introduced in the world of networks by Ionut Calugaru who helped us out with the configuration of server + network. He presented us also the Microsorvers sollutions from HP-Proliant, a very nice space-saving lego-like item, fit for the needs of medical offices (up to 25 users). Since then we worked with Gen8 HP Proliant Microserver. In the meantime they launched Gen 10 HP Proliant Microserver.
Now we are just installing a new network for a client in Dijon (France), and the questions is … which one? what are differences between them ?
HP is providing a link explaining the technical diffences

They are preety much alike: same dimensions, same number of USB ports, 4 HardDisks, max 16G storage, RAID (0, 1, 10) support, Same OS Windows and Linux.

But there are also differences:


  • G8 is upgradable to Xeon E3-1265Lv2 (230€) (7455) sau i3-3240 (50-150€) (4318)
  • Price range more afordable for G8 G8 250€ the cube vs. G10 400€
  • G10 is better in terms of video (2 outputs, better video card)
  • G10 can go up to 32G RAM Memory vs 16G (and DDR4 in plus)

My Conclusions

  • Gen8 i3 and Gen10 X3421 are similar , an advantage for the sencond because of memory
  • Overall Gen8 is better because is processor upgradable and the money difference between cubes covers the processor upgrade (note: if you change cpu but keep your current motherboard, then re-installation is not necessary)
  • The two of them are very reliable

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